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Low-Bit Stream Transmission : With the advanced codec algorithm, HAIKON 2-line Smart IPC can realize an efficient encoding, and further minimize the system’s load and storage requirement. For example: at a very low bitrate streaming condition, 2Mbps at 720p resolution, 2-line camera could increase the image quality up to 30% Dual Streams : 2 streams gives much more flexibility to use different data stream for each independent purpose: Main stream: full resolution, Sub stream: low resolution . Smart IR : The improved Smart IR function allows to auto adjust the IR strength to have a better visibility ROI : Based on user-defined ROI (Region of interest), camera can decrease a non-ROI’s image quality to save maximum bandwidth and storage, also for having a better image quality of target ROI area under the same bitrate stream condition. Intrusion Detection : Intrusion detection is very useful for defined area protection. when an intruder been detected, alarm or event recording will be directly triggered. With its auto analyze for the intruder’s dimension ratio, the latest algorithm can effectively reduce the false alarm rate. Line Crossing : Line crossing is very important application for border security. When the some attach come from border or any specific area that you selected, alarm or event recording will be directly triggered Garry Gilliam Authentic Jersey

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Weight 558 g
Dimensions 13.5 x 13 x 11 cm


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