i3S is your ultimate choice for Safety and Security solutions in Home, Small & Medium Business and Enterprises 

i3S is one of the frontrunners in safety, security,  and surveillance systems. We provide, install and support a wide variety of automated safety and security solutions for home, small and large enterprises. We focus on encompassing your unique safety and security needs by creating an end to end safety and security solutions. Our all-inclusive range of security solutions includes surveillance, fire protection systems, access control for residences, safety and security solutions for medium business and large enterprise to safeguard giant corporate houses. Our custom security solutions are designed and delivered as per your unique requirements. For all the safety solutions that we have in store, we provide you with relentless support design layout, testing, installation, and maintenance.

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All the safety solutions products that are in-store at i3S are perfect blends of technology and innovation. All of our products function flawlessly and ensure seamless performance.

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Our expertise in security solutions are proven and are coupled with our matchless service to make us stand out. Traits like wide network and flexibility have kept us way ahead of our competitors.

  • Talented, skilled, dedicated, qualified and, certified staffs
  • Professional and thorough monitoring 24 X 7
  • Relentless, prompt and effective support
We are an ISO 9001 certified company

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